E.M. 45 years old

Before meeting Dr. John, I was reacting to so many things. After working with him, I found out that I had a deeper issue dealing with detoxing because of mold and heavy metals. I’m still working through my challenges but I am less reactive than before. I’m now able to enjoy my life and not worry so much about what I may end up reacting to.

T.M 57 years old

Hi, Dr. Kim. I wanted to send a little praise report. Since starting the supplements you gave me my blood tests came back showing no evidence of circulating tumor cells. My cancer markers were still elevated. However, they did not make a huge jump like they have in the past. I contribute this news to the new stuff you have me on. Thank you!

L.P 38 years old

I went through so many protocols to deal with my mold and parasites issues for a few years. At the initial stage of my healing journey, he taught me about the importance of cell membrane health and microbiome balance. After going through his cell membrane protocol, I experienced physical spasms over my liver and gallbladder that I could see and feel. The next morning, I passed so many parasites. My body has been so locked up and after one day of his protocol, I made so much progress. Thank you.

E.I 44 years old

I came to Dr. Kim with some serious digestion issues. Years of being diagnosed as having "IBS" with no remedy had certainly taken its toll on me and my gut. Working with Dr. Kim has been a process of working with my feedback and tests to come up with a supplement and life plan that will support my digestive and overall health. We are still in the process, but I've made such staggering progress that I'm excited for the next steps in this journey. I'm very grateful for his insight and expertise, and I'm excited about the next steps in this journey!