Heartburn Protocol

Heartburn protocol is designed to address poor pancreatic function, sooth the irritation that is occurring to the esophagus, stomach, and intestinal lining, along with dybiosis (poor gut bacteria status) in the digestive system. Melatonin is also added to keep the esophageal sphincter to close and function properly. Everyday stress, poor diet, food sensitivities such as gluten/casein, and lifestyle can affect normal digestive function.

  1. Digestzyme V
    1. Works to rip apart difficult to digest foods thought to cause heartburn.
  2. DGL
    1. Soothes esophageal and stomach lining, reducing pain
    2. Stimulates prostaglandin production
  3. Glutashield
    1. Further soothes and rebuilds esophageal, stomach and intestinal lining
  4. Ortho Spore Ig
    1. Restores bacterial balance, spore based seem to be more effective in GERD based on studies.
  5. Melatonin
    1. 1-3 mg before bed. Assists in keeping the esophageal sphincter closed.
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